Interview of Vanessa FLUSH, Operations director

“I would love to be a bird! “. Our Group Operations Director, Vanessa, doesn’t hide her love of travel and her need to escape!
Discover her in an authentic interview. Let’s get started!


Hello Vanessa, we are very happy to see you in this interview. Can you tell us a little more about your professional background?

I think I’ve always been attracted to tourism. In fact, I studied in this sector, which was my first step in the industry.

My internship at the end of my studies was with Receptour but in the meantime, September 11, 2001 happened and the sector was at a standstill, especially in Canada and the USA. In this context, I went to Costa Rica. It was only supposed to be a vacation, but I ended up staying there (laughs).

My love for tourism was not limited to Canada, and I worked in the industry there.

Afterwards, I went back to Canada, and having always kept in touch with the team, I learned that they were looking for staff for the summer season. One thing led to another, and I stayed longer than just the summer, and it has been over 8 years since I returned to Receptour.


Have you always been attracted to the world of tourism?

Yes, I think I fell into it when I was very young.

I have always been attracted to this sector, to the point of studying it. My professional experiences have only confirmed this. Doing my internship at Receptour made me want to work in this sector because I discovered what is a receptive, TO, … During my career, I tried other fields of activities, but I returned to travel. That’s why I’m still here (laughs).


Vanessa flush


Why did you want to work in Canada instead of elsewhere?

Even though I am originally from Costa Rica, I came to Canada when I was 8 years old. Canada is a country of adoption that is very dear to my heart. When I worked in Costa Rica, I missed the country and knew that I would return and live there. It is still my “home”, where I feel comfortable. And there is a certain stability in Canada that you don’t find in other countries.


You have known Receptour for more than 20 years now, why this company and not another one?

I have a very strong sense of belonging to this company. It is the one that introduced me to a whole aspect of tourism, which was my first internship. It is a relationship of trust that has been established over the years. When I came back to Canada, they welcomed me warmly, and I felt at home, in my place.

Linda was also there when I was first hired and we have been in touch ever since. When she contacted me again with new challenges for the company and for me, tourism and Receptour seduced me again!


Vanessa flush à la montagne


I guess that you like all the programs, but if you had to pick just one, which one would it be?

I would choose the ecological coast to coast. This trip allows us to visit the east and west of Canada, we live different experiences in the east and west. It allows us to have a good idea of what Canada is, and allows us to apprehend its 2 sides if I can say. But there is still a lot to discover!

This is a really complete tour that allows our travelers to discover all of Canada. It also allows them to come back in one of the two regions they preferred.


What is your greatest professional pride?

I think it’s my evolution. From my first job to now, I have experienced a lot of different situations, in various companies.

I’ve been working for Receptour for 8 years now, and I’m especially proud of the fact that I understand all the basics of the company. Having been through almost every post, I like to think that this is an added value for the clients. I am able to understand the demands of all stakeholders and that is a real plus for me!

My relationship with Receptour, which is now more than 20 years, allows me to supervise the new employees and to transmit them the values of this company that I particularly appreciate. I can share my experience with them, and tell them that it is possible to evolve in the company.


Vanessa flush, vacances


Do you have a motto that helps you move forward professionally?

It’s not a motto per se, but it’s to put myself in my clients’ shoes. I try to build the stays as if I were in their shoes.
We have one goal, and that is for our clients to have the best possible stay. From that, I build the trip so that the travelers, but also the guides are in optimal conditions to enjoy the trip.


Finally, would you have a few words to conclude this interview?

I would say that it is time to take care of ourselves. After all we have been through, it is time to enjoy life and what it offers us. The quality of time is very important, and I think we should also think about ourselves a few times.

Discovering others, traveling, finding ourselves are my watchwords for 2022.


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