About Us


Created in 1977, Receptour is one of the first Canadian destination management companies to specialize in inbound tourism.  In today’s sophisticated travel industry, this means that we’re known as a “receptive” tour operator, hence our name: Receptour Canada.

Over the years our team of professional, multilingual experts has succeeded in designing a wide range of itineraries throughout Canada to meet the specific needs of clients from around the world.

The strong partnerships

The strong partnerships we’ve developed with our suppliers allow us to guarantee the best quality of service at competitive prices for those choosing Canada as their destination, whether for personal travel, to host a special event, or plan a corporate meeting.

The key to our success

The key to our success is innovation and dedication.  Thanks to our team’s extensive research and experience, authenticity and originality are the fruits of our labor.  Our achievements in the industry are especially due to our knowledgeable staff whose goal is to provide you with the highest standard of service available.

Canada is an exceptional destination, one whose beauty and diversity is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

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