interview celine lafrance

Interview of Céline Lafrance, Receptour guide

“How lucky we are!”
Such is the motto of Céline Lafrance, guide since 1988. You will surely have the chance to meet her during our tours. Passionate about traveling and discovering others, Céline talks about her job in this interview.


Hello Céline, it’s a pleasure to do this interview with you. Can you explain us how you became a guide ?

This is going to be long (laughs).

To summarize, I was a destination representative in different countries in South and Central America.
When the position of tour guide opened up, I applied. I wanted to broaden my professional horizon and I needed a change. This job was a revelation.

When the company started to become a multinational, I preferred to leave it because my values were no longer in line with it. That’s when, in 2009, I started at Toundra Voyages as a guide. Afterwards, I guided for Receptour. Since then, I haven’t left the Toundrigo family.


Having worked on several continents, and through your travels, you must have seen many countries. Can you tell us your favorite?

That’s a complicated question! Every country has a place in my heart. I became a guide in the Dominican Republic, but Costa Rica has welcomed me the longest. I love its culture and its way of life. It always depends on the people you meet.

In North America, I would obviously choose Canada. It is a country full of different landscapes. There is such a diversity that it is difficult not to place it as the most beautiful country. And it’s true that it’s the country where I was born, so it also has a special place in my heart.


Rocher percé


You have been self-taught in your profession. According to you, what are the qualities that a guide must have?

(Reflection) I believe that a guide must be philanthropic. We spend our days with people who were previously unknown to us, who have expectations of the trip they are taking. The guide must be available at all times, because we want our clients to have the best vacation possible. That is my main objective, to make sure that their vacation is the best one of their lives. This is a great challenge that I set myself on every trip and that I strive to honor.

I think that a guide must also have a very good general culture. In my case, I have taken courses in history, geography and communication in order to improve my knowledge. These courses also help me to make my speech more interesting and interactive.

Finally, I would say that a guide must be resourceful, empathetic and tactful because each traveler is different and you must not offend any of them.


Can you tell us what you like best about your job?

What I like about my job is not doing the same thing every day, being around a variety of people between different clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Another thing I love about my job is making trips unique. I try to put myself in the shoes of my travelers, and see the type of tours they would like to have. It also allows me to connect with them faster so that they have a 100% fun and relaxing trip.


Can you tell us what you appreciate most about your relationship with the brand?

I’ve been working with the Toundrigo group for over 10 years now, and more specifically with Receptour. What I like the most about the company is its closeness to us, the guides. Linda and the team in general listen to our suggestions and take them into consideration in order to improve the product. The tours are well thought out and a pleasant rhythm.


Can you tell us your secret recipe for travelers to have the best vacation?

My secret recipe? (Laughs)

There is no secret or miracle recipe. I think it’s all about humor, adaptability and passion.
Being around people, passing on my knowledge and seeing them happy is what makes me happy. Seeing the wonder in the eyes of children, parents and even grandparents is just the most rewarding part of my job.


You must have done a lot of Receptour courses now. If you had to do only one again, which one would it be?

The most important element in a tour is not so much the destination, but rather the design. The better the tour is designed, the more fun clients and guides will have in experiencing it.
I have a particular fondness for Lac St-Jean and the mountains. The Gaspé and the Maritimes are also places that I love in Canada. We see breathtaking panoramas there. As a bonus, we can observe whales in Tadoussac. If I had to recommend a trip where you can see all this, it would be the Canadian Wildlife Odyssey.


Chutes de Montmorency


A few words to conclude this interview?

I would say that being a guide is the most beautiful job I can do. Showing my country, passing on my knowledge, and meeting people all contribute to my fulfillment.


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