Interview Camille Reignier

Interview of Camille REIGNIER, Operations Coordinator

Camille, is part of the operations department. She has been working with Receptour as an intern since April. Recently, she joined the team on a permanent basis! Congratulations to her! To celebrate, Camille has accepted to be interviewed!


Hello Camille, can you tell me about your background?

I started my studies by completing 2 years in a business school in my home town of Lyon. There, my objective was to learn the business’ basics (marketing, sales and negotiations).

At that time, I already had the idea of studying tourism. As a consequence, as from my 3rd year, I started to study travel and its (many) specificities. I also had the opportunity to travel! I went to Athens, Greece for a year as an exchange student. For my master’s degree I went to Chambéry and then I landed in Finland to complete an exchange program.

After my last year of master in Chambéry, I came to Canada for my end of study internship!


Have you always been attracted to tourism? Is it a passion?

I had the chance to travel a lot as a child with my parents, so I developed a passion for travel early on. I started organizing my own trips with my friends and going on road trips for instance. I always loved the saying “Make a living out of your passion” so around 16, I thought “I love to travel so I’m going to make it my job!”

I figured out how to study tourism and here I am. I have known from the beginning that I really wanted to work in travel design but I will follow the opportunities that come my way and see where it takes me!


Interview de Camille


Why did you choose to work in Canada?

As I was saying, I had the chance to travel a lot and to live in 3 different countries in Europe. For my end of study internship I wanted to take on a new challenge and go further away! I had always been attracted by Canada, the nature, the wildlife, the landscapes. Also, it was a great destination for a job because Quebec is french-speaking, so why not try it?

I have been with Receptour for almost 6 months and I am delighted to get the opportunity to stay longer! We do not know what the future is made of but right now I want to keep enjoying this beautiful experience !


Why did you choose Receptour?

It was a bit of fate between Receptour and I because the day I decided to look for an internship in Canada was also the day Receptour published its internship offers. I applied and I got a quick answer! Within 10 days, I knew I was leaving!

Originally, I saw myself doing more custom work for individuals, but at the same time I did not know anything about operations and the goal of an internship is to learn! It was an opportunity to try something new and to discover!

Finally I got into the game and I really enjoyed it: the season was very intense, with many travels to organize, particularities linked to Covid and the lack of manpower so it was a daily challenge. I really enjoyed it and it made me want to try the winter season.


You traveled a lot: what was your favorite trip?

My favorite trip to Canada was whale watching in Tadoussac! It was a must see for me before coming here and I was lucky enough to go and to see many whales. It was magical, it’s a great memory!

I also loved Greece because when you live in a country, the attachment is inevitably different than when you go there as a tourist. As much as there are very famous touristic areas like Santorini or Mykonos, there are other parts of Greece that are less touristic but just as worth it. Spending 1 year in Athens was an unforgettable experience!


Interview de Camille


What is your favorite program at Receptour?

At Receptour, we offer guaranteed departures, individual groupings, like the Ecological Coast to Coast program. This program is really my favorite because it is the trip that I would have liked to do personally as a traveler.

It’s a program that does part of the East and then goes West: I find it the most complete program because it gives an overview of Canada : you discover Quebec, Ontario, you get to go West, so you discover the Rockies and you finish in Vancouver. It is really a complete trip that gives a very good overview of Canada thanks to the variety of landscapes and the different cultures.


What is your greatest professional pride?

I have to say that I am really proud to be able to say that at 22 years old, I have graduated from 5 years of study and I have signed my first job offer in Canada.

Until a year ago I had no idea that I was going to move to Canada or that I was going to stay here after my internship so I am very proud of that!


Do you have any final words for this interview?

You shouldn’t be afraid to make big decisions, especially when you are young and lucky enough not to have too many responsibilities yet. In the end, these are decisions that you won’t regret because you meet new people and you discover new things.

You realize that you can be just as happy elsewhere and that it was worth it to take the risk! It’s important, at our age, to seize these moments and create beautiful experiences and memories for life!


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