5 gret reasons to visit Canada this winter

5 great reasons to visit Canada this winter !

We know that Canadian winter’s cold landscapes can be attractive but also a bit scary sometimes. Some travelers are afraid of local temperatures, but they forget the best part! The team listed 5 great reasons to come to Canada in winter. A great tool to convince your clients to choose Canada for their winter holidays!


1/ Experience memorable and unique winter activities


hiver activité hors du commun

Travelers often tell us that they didn’t think there were so many activities to do in winter. We always smile a little because our mission has been successful!

Winter does not mean staying at the hotel! Travelers can experience activities that would be impossible at home:

  • Sled dog
  • Snowmobile
  • Fishing on a frozen lake
  • Snowshoeing
  • Spa under the snow
  • Ice skating or ice hockey
  • Snow tubing
  • Downhill or cross-country skiing
  • And so on.

As you can see, there is absolutely no reason to get bored on a winter vacation! We often explain that Canada can be visited several times. In addition to its size, the country proudly wears its summer, fall and winter colors, so the experience is different each time.

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2/ Discover local experiences


hiver cabane à sucre

Most of the travelers we talk to ignore one thing: Quebec has its own little local experiences that you must discover.

An example? What do you know about sugar shack?

The sugar shack is, in fact, a cottage that is located in the middle of a maple grove (the place where maple trees are harvested, giving us maple syrup and all its derivatives). As you can imagine, it is a place where you can discover the whole process of maple production and where you can eat all sorts of typical dishes, seasoned with maple of course. Maple ham, maple taffy, “oreille de crisse”, and many others! Did you already know? And your travelers?

There are many other local experiences to experience in winter such as visiting small local markets, tasting frozen waterfalls, visiting a traditional Huron site, enjoying a poutine… These are just a few examples… you have no idea how much options there are!


3/ Let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere


hiver paysages

You can rest assured, Canadians love winter holidays. As a result, winter is often like a Christmas movie! In Quebec City, for example, the city is wrapped in glittering colors and a very warm atmosphere. Along the roads, the houses glitter and you are lulled by this festive atmosphere starting at the end of November!

Also, the huge amount of snow covering everything around is truly magical. In the city, your travelers often feel like they are at a very very charming ski resort. In National Parks and along the roads, travelers are usually fascinated by the serenity feeling coming from this extraordinary nature.

Well, winter in Canada is an experience to do at least once. Trust us!


4/ The warm welcome of Canadians


canadiens chaleureux

Canadians are very friendly and welcoming. This is not a myth!

We have several expatriates in the team. If most of us have made Canada our own country, it means that locals might be welcoming, doesn’t they ?

On the other hand, we always hear great anecdotes from our trips about the natural kindness of the locals. Judgment is not part of the local habits.

Don’t forget the guides who are part of the trip! They are passionate people, who love their job and who will welcome your travelers with dedication and a big smile. Moreover, Celine, one of our guides told us that her favorite thing about being a guide is the contact with travelers.


5/ Enjoy the incredible accommodations in winter


hiver logements

Winter means cocooning, doesn’t it ?

It is the ideal season to enjoy the most beautiful accomodations! Between manor houses, inns, lodges or the famous Frontenac castle, travelers will be absolutely enchanted by their vacation.

In winter, we want comfort, warmth, friendliness of the staff and so on. That’s why we have made it a point to have ONLY accommodations in which we feel good. A bit like home but thousands of miles away.


Your travelers will thank you after discovering this beautiful winter destination. Word of Receptour!


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