Interview of Linda Fiumara, Director

You may not know it, but the Receptour brand is incredibly fortunate to have some inspiring talent. Some of them have been with us for years, and still have a deep commitment to group travel in Canada. To tell you their story, how can we not start with Linda Fiumara’s? It was in a small meeting room affectionately named Jasper, somewhere in Montreal, that we asked Linda to tell us about her incredible journey.


Hi Linda, can you tell us about your passion for travel?

Yes, of course. Actually, when I was young, I was very quick to express my interest in the world of tourism. It naturally came from a strong desire to travel on a personal level, like many people in our industry. My parents, on the other hand, wanted me to go into another sector of activity, we really disagreed on that. So I opened myself up to other disciplines such as the humanities, but travel always drew me back to it! So naturally, I studied in this sector in Canada.

What I also like about traveling, beyond the sharing and the openness that this world offers, is the possibility to transmit my double culture. I am both Italian and Quebecois! I love Canada very much and my Italian origins do not lie! Having the opportunity to work in both markets and to use several languages is an incredible opportunity for me. I speak Italian, French and English. Tourism is really a choice of the heart and an obvious choice!


Why don’t you tell us about your career path?

I was lucky enough to start my career with Receptour 20 years ago. Since then, I have never left the company! (Laughs)

It all started with my internship at the end of my studies. I was looking for an internship in the tourism industry and I came across an offer from Receptour. At the time, I didn’t think anything of working for a receptive company in Canada. I wanted to work in Canada, but with a perspective of offering travelers the opportunity to escape to other destinations. As a Canadian, my vision of tourism was to encourage travelers to leave Canada, not so much to receive them. Receptour has totally changed my perception on this subject.

Since the end of my internship, I have grown with Receptour by working in all departments. Little by little I have gained responsibility by taking every opportunity that came my way as a new challenge. I have always been very enthusiastic about challenges. To the point where I am now the director of this beautiful travel brand. I am very proud of this journey and I am really proud of our team today.


Blogue - Équipe Receptour


Did you have a mentor who particularly inspired you during your life?

Yes indeed, Nancie Cordeau has had a particular impact on my professional life. She is the former owner of Receptour. She is the one who originally hired me for my internship.

Nancie taught me to always push myself, to never fear obstacles and to always move forward. She is a woman with a lot of experience, a real charisma and an excellent knowledge of her field. Being by her side has been a daily learning experience, for which I am grateful. Today, we are still in touch!


Can you tell us what you are the most proud of in your work?

In one word, team.

In the travel industry, I believe that passion is essential to doing your job with heart. This is the case with my team and it makes me incredibly proud. Our small team is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in order to meet the expectations of our partners and their travelers. This is how Receptour has managed to make a lasting place for itself in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

I have tried to maintain the core of Receptour with a human-sized team, authentic and close to its collaborators, and I believe I have succeeded in this challenge.


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Linda, you talk about your team… so tell us something your staff doesn’t know about you!

(Laughs) That’s a very difficult question!

I don’t think my co-workers know how much I love to walk in nature. I spend every weekend in the national parks. I love to watch wildlife and hike…these moments are a great stress reliever and a great way to recharge your batteries! I attach a lot of importance to it because it is a real source of well-being, as long as you don’t have a bad encounter!

All right, let me tell you about it. When I was in British Columbia last year, I had the chance to see grizzly bears… up close. I was there during salmon season and the grizzlies were out fishing. My friends and I were watching from afar at the time when a fight broke out between two grizzlies over the salmon. To escape from this situation, one of them headed towards us at high speed. We were only a few meters away from him when he finally decided to change his trajectory.

I can’t tell you the adrenaline rush we got! It was one of the biggest scares of my life, but also one of the best memories of Western Canada.


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Which Receptour group trip do you recommend to our readers?

Impossible to choose! All our trips are made with love and we have so many beautiful and diverse places…

(Hesitations) Well, I have a particular preference for our GIR Québec Encounters because we have a lot of great features in this trip. For me who was born in Quebec, I can’t deny that this stay is very complete and turned towards nature. When the group stayed in the Natakam Condos on the 6th night, the wake-up call is incredible because it is with the sound of the whales… There are no words strong enough to describe the shivers that this provokes…


Séjour coup de coeur Linda Fiumara


A final word Linda ?

Book with Receptour! (Laughs) I’m kidding, the message I’d like to get across by testifying is really that agents can trust Receptour. We are a truly authentic and human-sized team. Our priority is the well-being of our partners. We create stays for thousands of travelers every year, why not your clients?


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