Groups famtrip in Toronto with Lena and Manon


A must for many travelers, the famous Ontario duo is a local classic. Manon and Léna, respectively Operations Coordinator and Forfaitiste at Receptour, had the chance to go there on a famtour from March 19th to 22nd 2023 with other tourism professionals. A great opportunity to keep the flame alive with loyal suppliers and to meet new ones. The two colleagues put an expert eye on the destination and take you along with them to discover or (re)discover a must-see.

Step 1: Impressive Toronto


As the gateway to Niagara Falls, Toronto can be enjoyed in all seasons. However, the capital of Ontario is also one of the most expensive stops in Canada. Receptour’s know-how and network allows it to offer a great proposal that adapts to the wishes and budgets of its clients. Let’s go for an overview and feedback with Lena and Manon.


Holiday Inn Centre-ville

“This is the perfect facility for groups with all the necessary amenities. The insulation is good, the staff very pleasant and bonus: it’s ideally located, close to St Lawrence Market in the heart of the action, which our Italian guests will especially appreciate.”

Chelsea Hotel Toronto

“To meet the specifications and budgets, 4* establishments are not a priority. However, the Chelsea is a nice option with almost 1,600 rooms, we are always sure to have availability. It is well located, has a pool and an entire floor for corporate use.”.


Activities and catering

The CN Tower and its 360° restaurant

“We are very happy to have rediscovered the CN Tower from a culinary perspective. We’ve been used to working with this partner for a while now, but every visit is delicious. For groups, it’s ideal to enjoy the sunset at dinner and included access to the observatory.”

The Hot House Restaurant & Bar

“A place that offers dishes from all over the world and perfectly embodies the cosmopolitan aspect of Toronto. You can have a lamb curry, salmon gravlax or pizza here, there’s something for everyone! It’s good, it’s beautiful and there’s enough space to accommodate groups. A great option for a dinner in town”.

Little Canada (Manon’s favorite!)

“Little Canada is a fun activity for all ages. It is in fact a miniature representation of the Canadian landscape. During the visit, which lasts 1h30 to 2h, the teams share their passion without restraint, which is really pleasant. Finally, it is a nice moment of culture that gives a global view of the territory for groups that will not have the opportunity to do it in real. We will wait until the project is a little advanced, because it is a work in progress in terms of creations and we will integrate it in our proposals for 2024.

Orientation tour by mini-bus

“At Receptour, this is a must and we consistently offer it. We are absolutely thrilled to have experienced it because it will make itinerary creation easier and more grounded in reality. It is ideal to go to the field to get an idea of the best stops, the best logistics in order to be as optimal as possible in our proposal to groups”.

Step 2: Niagara Falls VS Niagara-on-the-lake

Famtour chutes du Niagara

Niagara Falls is a popular destination for travelers. Although the place is sometimes very busy, visitors are still impressed by the scale of the landscape.

It is important to know that Niagara Falls remains a point of interest on which it is complicated to get prices and where negotiations are difficult. At Receptour, we always recommend that you book on weekdays as prices triple over the weekend.

Also, only a few kilometers from its cousin in the center of attention, Niagara-on-the-lake is a quiet, less popular but picturesque haven. Known for its beautiful vineyards, it’s an ideal extension to enjoy a beautiful day in the vineyards and see the area in a different way. For bus travelers, it’s also a more affordable option to stay within reasonable distance of the falls and on a budget.


Sheraton Fallsview

“As an extra, it’s ideal for our guests looking for the ultimate experience. With a hot tub, lounge area, and a view of the falls lit up from your bed, this is the luxury of a Deluxe room! We usually offer the standard rooms, which do not have a view of the falls, but this is the perfect facility for guests who want to indulge in something extra during their stay. We’ve had a great response.

Activities and catering

Skylon Tower

“Skylon’s panoramic restaurant offers a view of the falls, but it may be reduced depending on your location in the room. The buffet option is highly recommended for groups, whether for lunch or dinner. It is also possible to enjoy only the observatory part, depending on the program.

Niagara Helicopters

“Typically the kind of activity to offer as an extra on a free time. A really impressive helicopter flight, quite fast, but long enough to enjoy the view. The advantage of this activity is that it is available all year round, unlike the traditional boat cruise. A different way to appreciate Niagara Falls for a public in search of thrills”.

Vineyard of Château des Charmes

“The visit by the French owner was fascinating and well suited to groups! The estate is worth a visit and the wine is particularly good quality. We are used to working with Chateau des Charmes, and we were delighted to find out again that we made the right choice to send our groups there! (laughs)”.


In conclusion

This famtour was the opportunity for Manon and Léna to come back to Niagara Falls for the second time and to immerse themselves in this unique place, but also to test several proposals from suppliers in Toronto. In the end, a famtour in the form of an appreciable quality watch to make sure that the services offered always meet the standards that make the reputation of Receptour, but also nice exchanges with the teams on the spot and fresh ideas for the stays to come.

It is well known that there is nothing like going on the field!

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