Fall foliage in Canada


With its warm temperatures and incredible colors, fall in Canada has always fascinated travelers. Here are all the essential information to answer their questions. Let’s get started!


When may your travelers enjoy the fall season?


été indien au Canada


Officially, fall in Canada starts on September 22 and lasts until December 21.

Canada is usually more crowded during September and October because of the famous colors (starting in mid-September) and the very mild temperatures. The popular celebrations of Halloween (October 31) and Thanksgiving (October 10), often coincide with the drop in visitors.

December generally marks the return of tourists to Canada, together with by the first snowfall and the opening of skating rinks. Of course, as autumn progresses, temperatures drop!


Which regions should you suggest to see the colors?


To see the famous colors, your travelers should visit the eastern regions of Canada, especially Quebec and its boreal forests. If the west is just as magnificent with its orange colors, the eastern forests are usually more diversified, mixing yellow, orange, red and green. Note that if your clients also wish to observe the Northern Lights, a trip to the west is more recommended.

Good to know, the Northern Lights are visible as early as September!


How to explain to travelers the difference between Indian summer and fall season?


couleurs au Canada


Indian summer is a defined period of good weather, determined by specific conditions. Temperatures are very mild compared to the normal season and this for at least 3 days before the freezing season.

In short, there is an autumn every year, but there is not necessarily an Indian summer every year! Many travelers have misconceptions about this famous “Indian summer”!


What to say to a customer worried about fall temperatures?


It all depends on the region you choose. The visuals below will give you all the answers!

Here is a table of temperatures in the East :


temperatures eastern canada


Here is a table of temperatures in the West :


temperatures western canada


For the colors in the East in September and October, advise your travelers to be prepared for any situation by taking a light windbreaker as well as their sun cream!


What are the typical fall activities to present to your clients?


automne Canada


The autumn months of September and October offer a lovely sunny playground for holiday makers. So most of the activities take place outside!

Here are the must-do activities of the fall:

1/ Float plane rides
2/ Hiking or biking
3/ Wildlife watching
4/ Canoeing and kayaking
5/ Via ferrata
6/ Northern lights in the west
7/ Local markets

And much more !


Which fall trips could you suggest to your travelers?


Here is a small selection of nice autumn trips designed with attention by the Receptour team.


As you might have guessed, fall in Canada is a beautiful season that deserves to be seen by your clients. The temperatures are still pleasant and they will be able to observe magnificent landscapes. The little bonus of fall season is that there are significantly less travelers. So, your travelers will be able to enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the crowds.



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