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Canada covers more than 9 million km2. In other words, our destination is a vast playground that can be explored 365 days a year. From East to West, the landscapes are different in every season. At Receptour, we believe that the traveller’s profile defines the trip, and our programmes are a patchwork of possibilities. So put aside the July-August classic and follow us to discover Canada in a different way…  

Spring: May to end of June

Go for a city trip!  

The tourist season in Canada traditionally kicks off on “Queen Victoria Day”, a Canadian public holiday celebrated every year on the Monday before May 25. What does this mean in practical terms? It’s the official kick-off for all the tourist infrastructures based in nature, the teams are fully booked and all the activities are available. Canada welcomes travellers from all over the world for the summer season!   

However, the beginning of the month is a good time to bring your customers to Canada. There are few tourists, the attractions are easier to visit and the rates are very attractive. You’re also guaranteed availability, whether it’s for our guaranteed departures or our group and small group holidays.  

Although we don’t have the springtime that we do in Europe, there’s no denying that in May nature regains its strength, greens up and becomes denser after its winter slumber. It’s not yet time for summer water activities like Rabaska canoeing, but it’s ideal for an urban getaway for your curious travellers. Whether in the big cities of the East (Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa…) or in Vancouver, we’ve put together a selection of city programmes, with some great activities. For example, April-May is sugaring-off time, when maple water is harvested to make syrup. It’s the ideal and most authentic time to visit a sugar shack!   

Celebrate the arrival of fine weather!   

When June arrives, we are in a frenzy! And why is that? Because it’s our favourite month! The weather is good enough for all the outdoor activities in the East, but also in the Rockies in the West. Temperatures have risen, the snow has completely melted and the sun is shining in Alberta, which is in fact the sunniest province in Canada. All the national parks are accessible, and nature is lush and green. In Tadoussac, the whales are back and the Niagara Falls are full of life. The black bear has woken up from its hibernation and is at its best. The locals are not yet on holiday, availability is good and rates are still attractive. 

In Quebec, there’s a popular holiday period known as the “construction holiday”, which corresponds to the closure of all building sites across the province. This famous holiday traditionally covers the last two Sundays in July and affects a quarter of the population of Quebec! Over these 15 days, locals, especially families, swell the ranks of international travellers. Prices are skyrocketing and availabilities, especially in the West, are soaring.  

In short, at Receptour we operate from end of April onwards, and not for nothing. Don’t hesitate to suggest our destination to your travellers, without waiting for July to arrive. Trust us, they won’t be disappointed!   

End of summer: Mid-August to Mid-September

Take advantage of lower fares!

We absolutely understand that some of your travellers absolutely want to visit Canada in summer. For a variety of reasons.   

Our advice? Ask them to favour departures from 20-25 August.   

Why should you do this? Firstly, fares start to come down after the high season. Secondly, most families return home at this time of year to prepare for their children’s back-to-school period, so numbers are down, especially in the West of the country. Lastly, the weather remains ideal and mild, the mosquito population in Quebec diminishes and the natural attractions remain magnificent. Until mid-September, it’s a great window to offer your customers, regardless of the province.   

At Receptour, we have a soft spot for discovering the Atlantic provinces at this time of year. While it’s true that our winters can be harsh, the Canadian summer can be scorching. So why not choose a holiday punctuated by ocean air, a rich historical heritage and delicious cuisine?   

Autumn: Mid-September to Mid-October

Let yourself be surprised by the Indian summer!

Let’s be honest: in Quebec, this period is hardly considered out of season. From 10-15 September, the season peaks again, with the arrival of international tourists attracted by the spectacle of foliage. But of course, the numbers are nothing like in July and August: rates are attractive and availability is good.    

We’re lucky to have a splendid start to autumn in the East. For a month or so, temperatures warm up, the weather is sunny and rain is rare. Daytime temperatures can reach 22 degrees Celsius depending on the year. This is the time of the Indian summer, and an ideal time for your travellers to discover our destination. Quebec’s boreal forest is decked out in a multitude of colours, from red to orange, and it’s simply magical. Special mention should be made of the Mauricie, Laurentides and Charlevoix regions, which we offer in our various group programmes. The icing on the cake? Tadoussac Bay is the best time of year for whale watching!   

This time of year is also the last chance for lovers of the great outdoors to enjoy the Rockies before the first snow covers the mountains. The summer crowds are gone, prices are lower and availability is much better.   

And why not winter?

As you can see, we recommend that you don’t miss out on spring and autumn in Canada, as each season has its own attractions. And if you’re in the presence of travellers who want to get out of their comfort zone, why not go for winter? It’s a magical season, with a postcard-perfect backdrop like few others at this time of year. From December to March, in the East, you can opt for an urban getaway and discover, for example, Niagara Falls under a mist of frost or the city of Montreal decked out in its festive lights. Alternatively, we can take your groups out to experience winter the way the locals do: by going outdoors to play with a multi-activity break. Snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing, tobogganing… there’s something for everyone.   

To the West, the first snows cover the Rocky Mountains in a white blanket. The lakes freeze over and methane bubbles form, offering an unparalleled spectacle. During winter, you can experience a trip to a glacier in a snowcoach or a walk through a frozen canyon! The discovery of the Rockies is rounded off by the vibrant city of Vancouver and its mild winters, as well as a trip to Whistler, home to one of the biggest ski resorts in North America.    


In short, we’re lucky enough to live in a multi-faceted country that can be visited all year round. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be delighted to help you. Depending on your travellerswishes, availability and budgets, you can rely on our expertise to create the perfect itinerary for your groups. 


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