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All you need to know about winter activities for your groups in Canada

Canada in Winter is renowned for its wide-open wilderness, snow-covered forests and icy lakes. Did you know that this destination is also the playground for many outstanding group activities?

Whether thrilling or relaxing, in the heart of nature or in the city, Canada’s Winter season offers a diverse range of activities. The team’s number 1 tip for winter groups is to combine these wilderness activities with urban discoveries. Dog sledding, snowmobiling, field hockey, tobogganing… an overview of the ideal activities for your group.


Motoneige au Fjord du Saguenay


Start with practical information


Is there a minimum number of participants required for group activities?

Receptour has been in business since 1977. The team works with suppliers capable of accommodating small and large groups of 10 to 50 people. For an ideal experience, larger groups are usually split into smaller groups for certain activities.

When is the best time to visit Canada in winter with groups?

Winter in Canada usually runs from December to March. For optimum snow cover, January and February are the best months. Although it can sometimes be very cold, it feels dry and very different from the cold in France, which can be more “icy”, so don’t worry about your most chilly groups!

How are groups looked after on site?

Our partners are mainly carefully selected Canadian outfitters in exceptional locations, with whom we’ve been working for many years. The activities on offer are supervised by our partners on site. They make traveler comfort their top priority, and provide equipment when needed (like snowmobile cold-weather gear, for example).

East or West: which destination should you choose for your groups?

Both Eastern and Western Canada are good choices. Most of Canada’s typical activities can be found on both coasts. Quebec province is often favored by European travelers for being closer to them. The West is a wilder, mountainous region, but just as pleasant in winter.


10 authentic winter activities for groups


1- Snowmobiling, THE classic activity

It’s an excellent activity for lovers of motorized vehicles, but also of nature and open spaces. The activity is always well supervised and much more accessible than it seems. After receiving safety and driving instructions, participants are quickly able to enjoy the wild beauty of snow-covered landscapes.


Groupe de motoneige au Fjord du Saguenay


2- Dog sledding, an authentic activity not to be missed

For travelers who love wildlife and nature, dog sledding is an obvious choice. This activity is always a hit with groups, who can share a privileged moment with the dogs, but who also appreciate the impressive sensations of speed on snow-covered trails.

  • Strengths: Close contact with animals and nature, a feeling of freedom, respect for the environment.
  • Why we love it: This experience is part of every traveler’s imagination of the Canadian winter, so it’s essential to offer it.
  • Suggested itineraries that include this activity: Here again, most of our itineraries include this typical and authentic activity. Below is a selection of relevant itineraries.
    BC on ice (8 days – West)
    Charlevoix Winter Experience (7 days – East)


Chiens de traîneau


3- Ice fishing, a fascinating experience

This winter activity consists of fishing by making a hole in the ice of frozen lakes or rivers. Whether in the warmth of a cabin or in the great outdoors, this unique and peaceful experience will allow your group to enjoy the calm and beauty of the Canadian winter.

Pêche blanche avec Receptour


4- Snowshoeing, a 100% serene group outing

For outdoor enthusiasts and walkers, a snowshoe outing is the ideal opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside and enjoy panoramic snow-covered views. The lucky ones can even spot the local wildlife!

  • Strengths: Easy-to-access, outdoor activity, observation of local flora and fauna.
  • Why we love it: In a group, this activity works particularly well.
  • Suggested itinerary including this activity:
    Majestic Frozen Lake (8 days- East)


Ranbdonnée avec un groupe Receptour



5- Hiking with a trapper guide, a captivating and instructive adventure

This outing, usually done on snowshoes, offers an immersion in the wilderness with a trapper guide who will introduce your travelers to animal tracking and the discovery of local flora and fauna. He will also explain the role of trappers and their place in native households.


Randonnée avec un trappeur


6- Ice skating and field hockey, a fun and lively experience

Whether on a frozen lake, a city skating rink or icy trails, Canada offers a wide variety of venues to suit the demands of a group skating holiday. Ice skating and field hockey are an integral part of Canadian culture. Field hockey can also be enjoyed at an official match!


Hockey et patin à glace


7- Tobogganing or sliding, the “let go” group activity

This unusual winter activity involves hurtling down a snow-covered slope on a buoy or inner tube. Your groups will love this entertaining experience, ideal for enjoying the outdoors in winter.

Good to know: If your groups are visiting Quebec City, the Dufferin Terrace is the starting point for our tobogganing trails. Offering breathtaking panoramic views of Quebec City, Château Frontenac and the St. Lawrence River, this activity is sure to leave a lasting impression on your groups!


Glissades en groupe


8- An urban guided tour, a cultural break

This activity is an opportunity for your groups to discover Canadian history, art and culture. Set against the majestic backdrop of winter, offer your groups an exciting and immersive experience during visits with our experienced guides.


Good to know:

  • If your groups are visiting Quebec City, let them enjoy the Quebec Winter Carnival at the same time. This outdoor festival takes place every year for 10 days between late January and mid-February. Float parades, musical evenings, ice structures… This event will be the perfect opportunity for your groups to celebrate the Canadian winter!
  • If they’re passing through Montreal, the Ferris wheel is an iconic attraction not to be missed. Located in the city’s Old Port, it offers a panoramic view of Montreal and the surrounding area!
  • If your groups are visiting Quebec City, a drive through the village of Lévis, on the way to Quebec City, will provide a picturesque and charming experience. In Lévis, they can admire snow-covered streets, colorful traditional houses and a warm, authentic atmosphere. The Lévis crossing includes a ferry ride that will allow your groups to admire the most beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River.


Carnaval de Québec et Grande Roue de Montréal


9- The spa, the ultimate relaxation experience

Winter is also synonymous with wellness at the spa. Groups are always welcome at this type of facility, which offers hot and cold bath circuits that are pleasant for all.


Spa pour vos séjours de groupes 

10- Multi-activity breaks: the perfect way to enjoy winter as a group

Multi-activity stays are particularly recommended for your groups to make the most of winter. See below for our TOP 3 winter multi-activity packages in Canada.

  1. Ready-to-sell : Celebrate the winter Carnival with Receptour (7 days – East)
  2. Majestic Frozen Lake (8 days- East)
  3. BC on ice (8 days – West)


Multi-activités pour les groupes Receptour



Any questions about winter activities in Canada?

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