All you need to know about guaranteed departures in Canada

Guaranteed departures have many plus points,  for the traveler and for the travel agency. In order to share with you the specific benefits of these Individual Groupings made in Canada, the team has prepared an article that explains everything!


1/ Guaranteed departures made for travel agencies


Routes du Canada dans l'ouest


What is a guaranteed departure?

As most of you already know, guaranteed departures are trips that bring together several “individual” travelers to benefit from preferential rates and group logistics. Receptour has been organizing guaranteed departures for several years now. Why? Simply because this type of tour is beneficial  for all parties involved.

An excellent choice for agencies!

Putting together a group of at least 30 people for a trip can  be difficult. Each person has different needs and desires, it can be time-consuming and people might be reluctant to join a group that was previously formed.

With guaranteed departures, agencies no longer need to match a quota nor risk having small margin. Usually, guaranteed departures are made for groups of at least 2 people. Yes, only one couple is needed for the trip to be guaranteed!

Whether there are 2 or 20 people travelling, the departure will not be compromised.

Available flights and options

As you can see, guaranteed departures are all about convenience. Travel agents can directly showcase the tour to their customers.

Flights may be included in the price as well. The agent can also offer optional activities. This way, your travellers can enjoy a personalized journey, while still benefiting from the comfort of a group.



2/ Main advantages for travelers


Chien de traineau


Enjoy a variety of activities

Another advantage of guaranteed departures is that customers will discover (many) canadian activities. For instance, a winter guaranteed departures could incorporate the following activities:

  • Sled dogs
  • First Nations discovery tour
  • Snowmobiling
  • Field hockey or ice skating
  • Snowshoeing
  • And so much more!

Get a competitive price on all guaranteed departures

The cost is the crux of every travel. There is no doubt that the price is advantageous for customers. I they had created the trip on their own, it would have been much more expensive. Guaranteed departures allow them to have incredible experiences at affordable prices.

Learn from a local guide

Having a guide is often very appreciated! It allows your clients to learn throughout their stay. Receptour guides are experts about Canada and will be happy to answer all of your travelers questions. Discovering a country is a great project, but it is even better with an expert. Our guides have the ability to adapt to each group and make sure that they have the best travel experience possible.

Experience a handmade journey

Last but not least, let’s talk about quality. Indeed, travelers will have services of superior quality and will be able to benefit from the presence of a guide. Each trip is thought of and created with care by the team. They imagine themselves as customers and thus, create complete and practical tours for both parts.



3/ Our 3 guaranteed departures stars!


Qualité des GIRs - guaranteed departes


Here is our selection of 3 trips that your clients will love:

By choosing Receptour, you choose confidence. Our guaranteed departures are all tested and approved by our team of passionate people and our guides. Moreover, Receptour is made up of exceptional guides and a team that is 100% human and attentive to the clients’ requests.

The team regularly reviews its tours in order to update them and takes into account the feedback from clients and staff. Innovation and improvement are part of Receptour’s keywords.


As you can see, guaranteed departures are the perfect compromise between classic group travel and individual travel. They are carefully designed for the well-being of the clients and the convenience of the travel agency. Would you like to know more? Our contact details are below, so do not hesitate to contact us.

See you soon!



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