5 great reasons to visit Canada this summer

Finally summer! A season so eagerly awaited by travelers as well as tourism professionals. Don’t think that just because you’re spending your summer vacation in Canada, it means you’ll be cold. In general, temperatures are above 20 degrees. Canada is a perfect choice for summer. Between nature, events and other festivities, we can tell you for sure that your clients will not be bored.


1/ Enjoy Canada’s high temperatures


Summer in Canada


Usually, travelers are pleasantly surprised by temperatures in Canada. They do not expect it to be so warm because Canadian winters are definitely more famous than its summer season. Such a shame!

Why should your clients come during the summer season? Temperatures are 100% more pleasant! For example in Quebec, temperatures may reach 30 degrees during summer peak season in August. Therefore, travelers are delighted to come in the summer!

From June to September, the weather conditions are really nice. The hiking trails are cleared of snow, summer activities are all open and above all, travelers may swim in canadian’s lakes!



2/ Take a break in Canadian’s nature and parks


National parks Canada


Our travelers are often amazed to see all this diversity of landscapes in one single country. They regularly tell us that we are lucky to live in Canada, and we could not agree more.

Canada’s national parks are protected areas established by federal legislation in order to preserve Canada’s natural heritage. According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, the country has 48 national parks and reserves in 30 of these regions. In total, the parks cover an area more than 3% of the Canadian landmass, which is huge. You can add to these list other parks which are not national parks but still remain truly amazing.

There are so many activities to do in the parks, that we couldn’t pass up making a short list of them.

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Via ferrata
  • Kayaking (in lake or sea)
  • Fatbike
  • Canoeing
  • A night safari
  • A descent of the river in an inner tube
  • and much more!


3/ Discover a large choice of outdoor activities and events


festivities in Canada


“In the summertime, we never get bored in Canada.” That’s something that one of our guide once told us and this sentence never faded away!

There is a large choice of festivals in both the east and west of the country.

In the east we find in particular:

  • The Francofolies
  • The fireworks LOTO Quebec
  • Just for Laughs Festival
  • Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

In the west we also find :

  • Calgary Stampede
  • Vancouver International Jazz Festival
  • Vancouver Vino
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival


But let’s not forget the activities. There’s something for everyone. From classic attractions to something a little more out of the ordinary, here are the top 5 favorite activities of our travelers:

  • Wildlife adventure tour cruise
  • Guided tour of Montreal
  • Whale watching zodiac excursion
  • Visit of 1 000 islands
  • Experience a country – ranch experience

Our clients tell us that they can’t wait to get back to their vacation because there is so much to see and do. Their vacation goes by so quickly that they often want to come back for the next season to discover even more of Canada.

You can find these activities in some of our programs as Discover western Canada, or Canada express.


4/ Taste a local and delicious gastronomy under the sun


Canadian food


Canada is not only a country of nature. Our travelers are pleasantly surprised to discover the local gastronomy. Those who think they will only eat burgers and fries with their sodas are really amazed by the diversity of the Canadian cuisine. From special cakes to poutine or lobster rolls, Canadians have no shortage of ideas for food.

We do our best to make sure that the meals are as varied and diverse as possible.

And if they ever want to discover new dishes or are in need of their local cuisine, they can always ask their guide who will take care of their desires.

Our clients have always been delighted with the food they are served. In fact, we have a short anecdote on this subject. One day, one of our Italian travelers fell in love with poutine. So much so that he asked for it every day. Our guide made sure that he had poutine at least once a day. He loved this typical dish so much that he brought brown sauce (poutine sauce) back to Italy to make poutine again there.

By the way, if one of your clients has any allergies or food particularities, let us know so we can adapt the meals!


5/ Observe plenty of incredible animals


Canadian animals


In summer, animals come out of their dens and begin to see the light of day. No more hibernation, hello liberation.

Our travelers are always very impressed to see wildlife that they are not used to seeing in their countries. Your clients will be able to observe :

  • Bears
  • Grizzly bears
  • Whales
  • Orcas
  • Moose
  • Elk
  • Caribou
  • Beavers
  • And many other wild animals

They don’t have to go to a zoo to see these animals. Travelers regularly come across them on their way to a destination, in roadside forests. National and regional parks are also very good places to see animals. In fact, in these places, they are protected and the parks ensure that the animals are healthy and thriving.


You got it now. Canada is not cold or even boring but an amazing country with plenty of places to explore, animals to observe as well as activities to experience. You will never meet a traveler that is unhappy about its travel to Canada. Canadian’s wide spaces allow every traveler to take a break as well as a deep breath during their trip.


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