Individuals Tours

At the beginning of May, nature explodes, filling the air with new scents, trees are reborn with new leaves, flowers bloom in a rich palette of colors, bears awake from their winter slumber, whales start swimming in the St. Lawrence and the rivers begin to babble as they get ready for the first canoeists of the season.  Sidewalk cafés and bars open everywhere across Canada. Music fills the air: jazz festivals, night clubs and open-air concerts bring cityscapes to life. And favorable exchange rates for the US dollar and euro mean that the shopping is beyond compare.  People shed their winter clothes in favor of shorts and sandals. Summer arrives. Campgrounds open and RVs run through the Rockies, where tourists can expect some of the most spellbinding scenery they have ever seen. Barbecues are fired up and people rediscover the joy of outdoor eating.  At Receptour Canada, we can help you plan the perfect outdoor adventure, urban getaway or corporate meeting. We know all of our products in depth and can recommend the most suitable for your needs.

Fly & Drive

Relax and hit the road on your dream vacation, we’ll take care of the rest: car rental, activities, excursions, accommodations, and more…!

Summer packages

By train, on a bike, on your honeymoon or with your family, in the wilderness or on a culture immersion tour, anything is possible!

City getaways

Journey to some of the most beautiful, magical cities the Canadian summer has to offer. Enjoy the ease of these all inclusive itineraries where your accommodation, transportation, and exciting activities are booked in advance.

Private Tours

The basic ingredients we are using are: an experienced driver/guide who speaks the language of your choice, private transportation, accommodation and great highlights.


Originality, exclusivity and emotions are the key-words for our platinum section. The products featured here are addressing the particular needs of your sophisticated clientele. Either in the programs, city-packages or resorts, you will be amazed by the outstanding services and highlights we suggest.

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