Incentive Tours

Have your clients already been to the hottest destinations and are in search of something new?  Then let us create an unforgettable experience in offering select, high quality accommodation unlike anywhere else!

Think Incentive, the events department at Receptour Canada, creates incomparable customized itineraries fitting within your client’s specific budget.  The key to Think’s success is the perfect blend of exciting activities, delicious meals, unique accommodations, and unforgettable entertainment.

At Think Incentive, our team’s passion for creating unique experiences will enthrall your clients!

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What We Offer

Motivate your team with an adventure through Canada’s grand open spaces or zigzagging urban labyrinths.
Speed through the snow via snowmobile across frozen lakes.
Reward your collaborators with an unforgettable excursion: experience local culture, the great outdoors, and enjoy interesting encounters.
Learn about First Nation’s culture and their ancestral ways of life.
Organize your company’s events, seminars, meetings, and congresses in an exclusive setting.
Sing, dance, and eat in a traditional lumberjack cabin!
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