Interview of Elorri Lasquibar

Interview of Elorri LASQUIBAR, Group sales specialist

If she could, Elorri would fly like a bird. Being able to move from one place to another, easily and without delay, is the dream of every travel lover!
In this interview, learn more about Elorri, our newest group sale specialist. 

Let’s go!


Good morning Elorri, it’s a pleasure to see you! In a few words, how would you describe your career path?

I’ve been working for 13 years now. That doesn’t make me any younger (laughs).

I started with a degree in tourism and a job in a travel agency for a year. This travel agency was managed by Quebecers. Fun, right? After this experience, I got my first permanent job in a group agency in the same region. I stayed there for a few years and then I went back to my native region, the Basque Country. There, I got the oppportunity to work a TO. Over the years I became a sales representative for all the groups in the west of France.

Then with the pandemic, I completed trainings in other fields in order to extend my  skills, but my passion for tourism has always called me back.


What path finally led you to Receptour?

In France, I worked for a TO that collaborated with Toundra Voyages, a sister brand of Receptour. I always appreciated their work ethics and their relationships with clients. When I knew I was going to immigrate to Canada, I applied for a job at Toundrigo, the group brand that includes Receptour and Toundra. Linda interviewed me and I fell in love with the Receptour team instantly.


You have been in the team for 2 months now. What is your impression ?

If I had to describe the company in 2 words, it would be respect and love.

Receptour is respectful of each person involved in the group travel chain, and also of the destinations. Then love because the team is made up of people who are passionate about travel. They are also Canadian lovers who have at heart to share a maximum of knowledge about this beautiful country.

I appreciate more and more this company. I only had good surprises. Linda is really a great person, an outstanding professional, and she listens to her collaborators. The team is the reflection of the company. It is warm, passionate and welcoming.

With all this, I can only be more convinced by the values of Receptour (laughs).


Tough question, what is your favorite program?

As you said, this question is really complicated!

I think I would choose the Spectacular Gaspesie peninsula. The tour is very complete. We go up all along the St. Lawrence, from Ontario to Gaspesie (my favorite place in Canada). We pass by the inescapable of the east as Montreal, Quebec and also Perce. From this last city, we can observe the famous Perce Rock, but also some marine mammals like rorquals, seals, or blue whales.

During my trip to Gaspesie, I had the opportunity to see everything I dreamed of.


Interview Elorri - Baleines Gaspésie


You just told us that your favorite region is Gaspesie. Could you tell us why?

This is one of my best vacation memories! I’ve always dreamed of going to the Rockfest, a local music festival, and I was lucky enough to go in 2018. I followed it up with a tour of the Gaspe Peninsula. I admit that I fell in love with this region immediately. When I returned to France I was “homesick” of Canada. I missed the country so much! It is right after this trip to Gaspesie that I started the process of moving to Canada!


Interview Elorri - Gaspésie


What is your greatest professional achievement?

I think my background is what makes me most proud of.

Starting with a travel agency, continuing with a TO, and now working for a destination agency allows me to have a better understanding of the ecosystem. It helped me to understand and anticipate the customer demands.


Do you have a motto that helps you move forward professionally?

It’s not really a motto, but I am guided by my passion. Travel and tourism are two areas that I cherish. My ultimate goal is to succeed in sharing my passion with all my clients. I want them to see the love I put into my work.

Otherwise, to be more down to earth, every day I make “to do lists” that I try to finish. This way, every night I get a personal satisfaction by seeing what I have accomplished during the day.


Would you want to say a few words to conclude this interview?

I would say that I fell in love with Canada and more particularly with Quebec. I found my balance here, between city and nature. You will never imagine all the animals I have seen. From the whale, to the wolf and even a bison!

My balance is also made thanks to my work. I blossom and I manage to share my passion to my clients.

Moving to Canada was one of the best decisions of my life!


Interview Elorri - animaux


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