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Receptour CANADA – USA joined the Toundra Group in 2014.  The Toundra Group is one of the leading receptive wholesale tour operators in North America.  What does it mean to be a receptive wholesale tour operator?  It’s a tour outfitter who locally organizes trips in their region (for Toundra: USA – CANDA), offers them to international professional agencies (EUROPE – SOUTH AMERICA – INDIA – CHINA), and, once sold to clients, takes charge of creating, reserving, and operating each excursion on site (USA – CANADA).

As a receptive tour operator, we act as liaisons between agencies from around the world who want to offer tours to their clients in CANADA and the U.S., and the local suppliers.  Success in this industry requires a specific kind of skillset: marketing, technique, negotiation, organization, logistics, information technology, and accounting.


Our organization is comprised of four distinct departments (Adventure Travel (FIT and small groups) – Individual Travel (FIT) – Incentive Travel – (for businesses) – Group Travel (tour buses), and is Toundra’s key to success.  This type of specialized, flexible, and dynamic structuration, focusing on building strong relationships with suppliers and clients enables us to offer fast, exceptional service and attractive products at competitive rates.  Our group configuration also gives us the advantage of certain transversal services, able to communicate between departments (such as sophisticated accounting and information technology, influential purchasing power, advanced marketing skills, and an adept human resources team).

Our variety of expertise draws clients from around the world (France – Italy – Spain – UK – South America – India – Russia – China), including tour operators, travel agencies, and individuals interested in one of our four departments.

The Toundra headquarters is located in Montreal, QC, Canada, with over 80 employees on site.  Our local operations sites out west in Canmore, AB, Canada and in Santa Rosa, CA, USA, are run by 10 additional employees, essentially running local logistics and operations.  With over 90 people tirelessly creating, commercializing, reserving, and operating tours around the clock, the Toundra Group offers extraordinary adventures throughout North America.


Toundra is comprised of receptive wholesale tour operators specializing in tours within Canada and the United States.

TH!NK Incentive

TH!NK Incentive is Toundra Group’s events department, organizing numerous team building and business excursions for Europeans Companies throughout Canada and the United States.

Receptour Canada-USA

Receptour Canada-USA is the leading receptive agency for Italian, Spanish, and Latin American clients, specializing in both group and FIT (individual) travel. The department runs more than 100 guaranteed departures every year guided by Italian and Spanish speaking tour leaders, thanks to an experienced team and advanced in-house technology (Bigbro). Receptour is also involved with Latin American tour operators organizing group tours throughout Canada and the United States.


Charles Frobisher

Charles Frobisher has been of the most successful specialists in North American Adventure Travel… for over three decades!  The Frobisher Bay near Canada’s Baffin Island is, in fact, named after his British ancestors.

Jean-Christophe Viard

Jean-Christophe founded Toundra Inc., in 1998.  Specializing in FIT travel and a passion for North America, he knows how to meet the needs of our agency clientele, having directed a French tour operator for over 15 years.

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