Winter Tours

In Canada, though the seasons may change, exciting possibilities do not!  Winter provides some of the most beautiful and picturesque scenes in North America:  imagine everything covered in fresh white snow, the pine tree forests a deep green, the sky a clear shimmering blue, the sun shining bright and yellow, the clouds turning slightly pink…all this with over 12 hours of daylight for nature lovers alike to take full advantage of all that winter has to offer!

Canada has a long running love affair with snowmobiling, carving endless trails and pathways across the entire nation.  Learn to drive through snow-capped evergreen forests and across gorgeous frozen lakes.

Dog-sledding is a unique experience, allowing you to effortlessly glide along and feel the wind in your face. These incredible dogs are tireless and always ready to run.  The beautiful stillness is broken only by the dogs, breathing deeply and barking to one another as your sled whooshes through the untouched snow.  The eloquent silence is breathtaking.

Receptour Canada’s ski experts offer the best services available to meet all your client’s desires.  From highly advanced heli-ski excursions in the Rockies to leisurely ski-and-stay packages in world-renowned resorts like Whistler and Tremblant, all of our itineraries meet and exceed the strictest safety guidelines.

Snowmobiling Excursions

All levels.

On unique Quebecois trails with experienced guides and modern, powerful machines, our snowmobiling trips are accessible to all.

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Dog-Sledding Excursions

For an unforgettable and unique Canadian experience, take your clients on a dog-sled outing through Northern Canada’s grandiose, snow covered countryside.

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Multi-Activity Excursions

Spend your vacation experiencing all that winter has to offer: snowshoeing with a professional trapper, ice fishing on a frozen lake, cross-country skiing through the woods, speeding away on a snowmobile, or relaxing at a spa… all inclusive!

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Animal Observations

The Great White North is a favorite spot for unique and varied wildlife viewing.  Venture into the wilderness in search of polar bears, whitecoat seals, or caribou…


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Beyond the Horizon

Between the Yukon’s Aurora Borealis, Churchill’s polar bear population, heli-skiing and hydra-skiing in the mountains, our specialists know all the secrets for an unforgettable winter adventure.

Ski Trips

From Colorado to Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Ranges, from the Appalachians to the Charlevoix Massif, Canada and the U.S. have everything a ski lover could possibly imagine. Do not miss out on these incredible, exclusive ski excursions.

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Hit the Road

Journey to some of the most beautiful, magical sites the Canadian winter has to offer. Enjoy the ease of these all inclusive itineraries where your accommodation, transportation, and exciting activities are booked in advance.

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